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1) What documents do I need for sending money through western union?  
We need following documents 
i) Original CNIC or any other other acceptable ID (copy of the same)
ii) Beneficiary Name as appeared on his/her passport or any acceptable ID.

2) Do I have to pay in the same currency which I am intending to send?
No. you can only pay in Pak Rupees. All other currency need to be converted into Pak Rupees before sending.
3) From where can I send money abroad?
You can send money over 200 countries only from our nearest branch (visit locate us in our main manu). Our Franchisee and Payment booths   are not allowed for sending money.
4) How long it takes to receive the money?
The beneficiary can receive money within a minute of the transaction done.
5) How much maximum amount can I send?
You can only send USD 3000 at most, plus charges.
6) How are the sending charges calculated?
The sending charges depends on the amount you are sending abroad please check out the Wester Union charges calculator on the home page.
7) Can I do any modification in the receiver name after sending the money?
Yes. You can do any modification in the beneficiary name after you have sent money through our branch providing the money has not been received yet
8) Can I do any modification or change in the country name after the transaction has been done successfully?
Yes you can change the name of the country providing only if the amount is still not paid out at the receiver end, however, it takes 5 working days to do any modification in the country name.
9)How is the currency rate calculated for sending money abroad?
The currency rate is based on the Bloomberg currency conversion rates determined by the Western Union.

Receiving Money through Western Union | MoneyGram | Ria

10)What documents do I need to receive money?
You need to bring your original CNIC and copy of CNIC.
Other requirement:
You must have valid MTCN as provided to you by the sender
You should know the country name and the amount sent to you
You will also be asked the name of the sender

11)In what currency can I receive money?
You can only receive money in PAK Rupees
12)How much maximum amount of money can I receive?
You can receive whatever amount is sent to you
13)How long it takes to receive money once the sender has sent the money?
there are two kinds of transaction done from abroad for sending purposes that are i) Same day transaction; which you receive as the transaction is carried out by your sender ii) next day transaction; next day transaction can be received after 10 hrs. of the transaction executed, depending on the working hours of the beneficiary's country.
14) Where can I receive money?
You can receive money from all our branches, franchises and payment booth networked in all over Pakistan, please find your nearest location by visiting our network page.

Telegraphic transfer

15)Can I do TT to any company abroad?
No, you cannot do any commercial TT other than personal, Medical or to educational institution i.e University, friends / family, hospita etc.
16)Can I do any personal TT?
Yes, you can do any personal TT to any relative living abroad please make sure you provide all related documents to the person you doing TT
17)What type of TT is allowed?
Only to foreign Universities, hospitals and personal usage to family members.
18)Where can I make a TT?
You can do TT from any of our Branch, please find our nearest location through network search, who will be happy to serve you in the best way.
18)How much maximum amount of TT can I do?
you can send through TT upto USD 25000.
19)What documents do I need for TT?
You need the following documents for TT
i.Bank Account Number of the person
ii.Sort codes/swift code
iii.Passport copy of the beneficiary
iv.University acceptance letter only in case for University TT.

19)What rate of foreign currency is charged?
Due to high fluctuation in Pak rupees value please call us on our toll free number to confirm the updated exchange rates for TT

Demand Drafts (DD)

20)Where can make a DD?
You can do DD from any of Branch, please find our nearest location through network search, who will be happy to serve you
21)What documents do I need for DD?
Beneficiary Name and your valid CNIC copy 

Currency Exchange

22)Can I exchange foreign currency?
yes you can exchange almost every currency only at our branches and franchises please find us our nearest branch or franchise for any currency exchange
23)Why the currency rates do not remain the same?
Foreign currency conversion rates are determind on the value of Pak rupee in open market. Due to high fluctuation in value of pak rupee the foreign currency rates doens not remain the same
24)How much maximum amount of foreign currency can I buy?
you can buy any foreign currency equal to amount USD 49,999 at most.
25)How much maximum amount of foreign currency can I sell?
There is not limit on the amount of foreign currency that we can buy, so you can exchange any amount of foreign currency in Pak Rupees only

For any other query Please call us on 0800-71700, and we will be happy to answer all your queries


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